Types of TV-watchers

There are a few different kinds of ways people watch TV. As an avid TV-watcher myself, I have fallen into probably all these categories at some time or another, or even multiple at once. But I was just thinking about it: not everyone watches a TV show for the same reasons. Which explains, partially, why... Continue Reading →


Some original characters I’m in the process of fleshing out. They don’t have proper names yet. Right now, I’m calling the purple one Inu and the green one Cyril. They’re Druids and possess the gift of necromancy, the ability to see and interact with spirits. The word “necromancy” leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths... Continue Reading →

I write when I’m brave

because it hurts it pulls at my mind the things I want to keep in my drawer but never look at it grates reality against reality until you think you can hear sighing for all the awful things you swear you aren't thinking and I'm sorry and I'm sorry forget you saw anything and we'll... Continue Reading →

I Am Countersink. (Fear Me.): Prologue

Prologue: Louis is pronounced, “Loo-is,” not “Loo-ee.” (Remember, because I won’t tell you twice.) Louis Legrand was paralyzed. He lay on the blacktop, staring up through his goggles at the side of the smoking building and the oak trees flashing red and blue from the lights on the police cars that scattered the area. The... Continue Reading →

New blog!

Hello, ladies and gents! I'm Emily, also known as onearmedshota on Tumblr. I like to write and I like to make people happy. Welcome to the grand opening of this new blog. I already run a writing blog on Blogspot but due to the broader community of bloggers on WordPress, I am in the process of... Continue Reading →

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