Some original characters I’m in the process of fleshing out. They don’t have proper names yet. Right now, I’m calling the purple one Inu and the green one Cyril. They’re Druids and possess the gift of necromancy, the ability to see and interact with spirits. The word “necromancy” leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths and most people are afraid of and disgusted by necromancers.

Cyril, the son of the chief in one of the largest towns, finds out he has this gift, and his parents find out as well. In an effort to spare the family from further humiliation, Cyril is sent off with a traveling master, to “learn to control his powers.” Cyril is still pretty disgusted by the whole thing and he doesn’t like living away from his warm bed.

Inu is an experienced necromancer who only ventures into human society once a year to pick up or drop off apprentices, stock up on things he can’t produce on his own, and to get another piercing or tattoo. He spends most of his time wandering the wilds, building relationships with spirits and keeping towns safe from spirits who aren’t so friendly. Everyone in Cyril’s town thinks Inu is crazy, Cyril included. But he’s the only local necromancer and Cyril’s parents are desperate to get their son out of the spotlight.

Cyril is embarrassed by most things Inu does. And he doesn’t have clothes because… *dives away to avoid answering question*

I want to do something story wise with these guys, but there isn’t enough there yet to do anything. So something will probably happen, but not for a while. By the way, I’m calling this story, or whatever it is, Necromantic, even though it really isn’t a romance. I like puns, ok? I thought about calling it “Vaguely Druid,” because it is, but I like Necromantic better.


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