The cold never bothered me anyway

I was hesitant to watch Frozen. It seemed there was nowhere I could go to get away from the endless “Let it go” and “Do you want to build a snowman?” references. I was tired of the movie before I had even seen it and had no desire to see it for myself.

The cynics of the internet began tiring of it as well, meaning that not only was I bombarded with everyone saying it was so great, I was also bombarded with the naysayers, saying how overrated and poorly made it was.

Well, I finally saw it for myself. Going into it, I was hoping I would like it, but I didn’t expect it to be very good. Boy was I wrong. I loved it. It’s up there with Tangled and How to Train Your Dragon.

A lot of people praise it for being the first Disney movie to do certain things such as not have a romance be the central relationship. But then there are plenty more people who say Frozen didn’t break any new ground and it even perpetuates some harmful beliefs.

I think Frozen is an important movie to add to the Disney collection and especially to the genre of the Disney princess movie. Frozen is a good movie for kids to be imitating and it takes some important blows at the harmful beliefs about love, romance, and gender roles that have plagued our society. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Love at first sight doesn’t exist. Don’t marry someone you don’t know because they might not be a good person.

2. Women! And plenty of times they talk about stuff that has nothing to do with men.

3. Elsa and Anna are princesses, but they act very much like real girls. They are inspirational, as Disney princesses should be, but their personalities are very different.

4. While they are Disney princesses, they are not perfect. They both have flaws and very different flaws. Elsa pushes people away and Anna is a little naive.

5. Men aren’t perfect either, not even good men. Kristoff has a good heart, but he has a lot of flaws.

6. People who are different than you don’t need to be fixed. They need to be accepted and celebrated.

7. True love doesn’t have to be romantic! The act of true love was Anna sacrificing herself for her sister.

8. Social anxiety represented! Never seen that in a Disney movie, and especially not as a trait of a Disney princess. They do a great job depicting it.

9. Differing levels of romantic (sexual) attraction. Anna is interested in every man she meets, Kristoff never intended on being interested in anyone but ends up finding Anna, and Elsa doesn’t even think about it. Every other Disney princess movie assumes everyone is constantly looking for a romantic relationship and that without one, a person is incomplete or damaged. It isn’t counted as one of Elsa’s failings that she doesn’t have a love interest by the end of the movie.

In short, I was very impressed by this movie. It was inspirational, fun, and it is a valuable addition to the Disney princess genre. Hopefully this movie and movies like it will begin to steer children’s movies in a direction that will grow a better prepared, more understanding, and more diverse generation.


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