Innu and the Hungry Spirit: A Necromantic Scene

“You know, for a wise, old—“ “Old?” “—stone-kissing necromancer, you’re kind of a weevil.” “I am not—“ “That guy used to be your friend, is your friend, and you made him feel like spit. Who cares if you two have different ideas?” demanded Cyril. “I do!” said Innu. “Well I don’t.” Cyril frowned deeply. “Here I... Continue Reading →

Innu and Calvean: A Necromantic Scene

Hungry. You and me both, thought Innu. He glanced back at Cyril who had fallen behind a couple steps and was moving forward slowly and with eyes cast to the wet grass. Innu sighed to himself. Poor kid. They had only set out on their journey two days ago. His heart was still heavy with... Continue Reading →

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