Cyril Summons a Demon: A Necromantic Scene

Innu wasn’t hard to sneak by. He took forever to go to sleep, but once he had, he didn’t stir. Cyril crept over to Innu’s pack and dug around until he found the demonology book. Innu had explained that he used the book as a reference, since demons were dangerous and it was good to... Continue Reading →

No More Excuses: A Necromantic Scene

Despite Cyril’s best attempts, the time of his departure finally came. It was as unceremonious as he feared it would be. Claudia wasn’t there; their mother wasn’t even there. Only his father, stern with arms crossed, making sure Cyril mounted his horse. A warden, a guard, making sure his only prisoner obeyed. Even as he... Continue Reading →

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