Things I Discovered in 2014: a nonfiction drabble

Hi guys! With 2014 newly over, I thought it would be fun to look back on all the things I discovered this year.

1. Life after college and stuff (almost) happening

Having graduated in December of 2013, this was my first year after school and I confess, it was hard. By February I was itching to get back to school. While I would have been ready to go to graduate school by Fall of 2014, waiting until Fall of 2015 is better timing.

My sister and her friend will be done with undergrad this spring, and along with my roommate, we will be setting out for the wilds of San Francisco, where we will share an apartment and (God willing) attend grad school this August. I’m very excited to go further with my writing. I’ll also be going to Japan in February to earn my TESOL certification. So much traveling in 2015.

2. God? Again?

Yes, again. I had wandered a long way away from God over the last few years, in search of God’s “true” character. In a roundabout way, I guess I found it, but only because Jesus brought me back home.

3. Social Justice

This year was eye-opening for me. Race relations, feminism, and gender/sexuality have become very important to me and my beliefs concerning them have changed quite a lot since 2013.

4. Necromantic was born!

Hard to believe it’s only been around since the summer.

5. Writing blog

I had had a writing blog on a different website, but this is my first year on WordPress.

6. Trains

I traveled alone by train for the first time this year. It was a long ride and there were several delays, but nevertheless, it is a fun way to travel.

7. A lot of changing

…jobs, that is. I worked as an Algebra tutor, as a math teacher, and as a retail worker. The people really do make the job.

8. A puppy

We adopted a Scottish terrier puppy at the beginning of the year. I almost forgot to include this in the list because it seems like we’ve had him for longer than a year. It’s hard to imagine home without Gus trundling around the house like a baked potato.

9. Starkid

I had seen part of A Very Potter Musical in years past, but this year was truly the year of Starkid. There were months where I only listened to Starkid show tunes. I think I’ve seen all the Starkid musicals, now, except Little White Lie and The Trail to Oregon.

10. Youtubers

This year I branched out and found tons of new, amazing vloggers. Some of my new favorites are Dan Howell, Phil Lester, Tyler Oakley, Miranda Sings, Laci Green, and Emma Blackery. I also discovered Gaming youtubers like Game Grumps and Peanut Butter Gamer, and Booktubers like Ariel Bissett and Polandbananasbooks.

11. New (old) TV

I always start shows years after everyone has gotten over them. Keeping with my method, this year I discovered Breaking Bad, Game of ThronesBob’s Burgers, and Teen Wolf. I also finally finished Being Human (UK), which is probably my favorite show.

12. The year of awesome anime

I’m quite the anime nerd, if you didn’t know, and 2014 was a great year for anime. My favorites that came out were Tokyo Ghoul, Monthly Girls’ Nozaki, and Black Butler: Book of Circus. My favorite newly-discovered older ones were Saint Young Men, Princess Jellyfish, Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior, Wolf Children Ame and Yuki, Durarara!!, and Beyond the Boundary.

13. Books

It was a good year for books, too. My favorites were Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the UniverseIncarceron and Sapphique, The New Hunger, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Fangirl, Love Wins, A Hundred Flowers, Ender’s Game, and Happyface.

14. Music

I’ve listened to a lot of darker, alternative sort of music this year. I discovered MS MR, Lana Del Rey, Devotchka, Florence + the Machine, Woodkid, KONGOS, Panic at the Disco, and more than a little 2000’s music. I also listened to a lot of wizard rock and discovered Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls.

15. Movies

I saw a lot of good movies this year. The Amazing Spider-man 2, Catching Fire, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Maze Runner, The Giver, Captain America 2: Winter Soldier, Thor: The Dark WorldEnder’s GameSubmarine, and Amelie.

16. DC comics

I’ve always liked Marvel more than DC, but this year I saw and read some good DC stuff like Young Justice, Gotham, Flash, and the Teen Titans comics, which has brought it up to equal standing with Marvel in my eyes.

There were a lot of parts of this year that were butts, but there were some good things, too. The way I see it, 2014 was the winter before the spring that is 2015. It was a year of character development in preparation for this next action-packed chapter. Here’s to an adventurous and joyful new year.


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