Phren Takes a Body: A Necromantic Scene

She was gone: both of them. Claudia was strong, but Garnet was stronger, and in the end, Garnet had won. Wearing the princess’s body like a cloak, Garnet left, leaving Phren tangled in the ensnarement circle she had drawn: hastily, but it still worked. Phren was furious with himself. It wasn’t like he was buried... Continue Reading →

Who Are the Ultra-Heroes and Where Do They Come From?: A Countersink Scene

“WHO ARE THE ULTRA-HEROES AND WHERE DO THEY COME FROM?” By Jenny Tortuga, Reporter at The Redmond Tribune, July 10, 1987 The country has been buzzing lately about the armed man in spandex that escaped from police custody. It’s likely that my readers are already familiar with the details of this case, as had been... Continue Reading →

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