Thank You for 100 Followers!

Protagonized has made it to 100 followers! Thank you so much for your support! It means a lot to me. You all are the very best!

I wanted to do something a little different to say thanks, so I drew some doodles of the Countersink crew.

In the first picture, starting from the top left are Adam, Summer, Paul, and Luis. These are our heroes.

FullSizeRender (1)

In the second picture, we have the less heroic. Ashby (gender has changed, as editing has continued), Ginesbury, Koichi (his design has changed a LOT), and Jane.


I have big plans for this blog, including more frequent posting, and maybe even including a new blog post category. I really appreciate all your support. Thank you!


A/N: I was originally going to put up pictures of the babies from Necromantic as well, but as I got to drawing them, I realized they are all still pretty half baked when it comes to appearance (except Innu. He’s pretty far along). Maybe I’ll put a set of these up for Necromantic once their designs are further along.



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