Five First-Episodes: Mini Anime Reviews

One of my favorite things lately is going to the “Popular” list on and watching the first episodes of anime series that seem interesting. While not every series is a slam dunk, I have found a handful that I really like. And besides, it’s fun to see the variety of what’s out there. Here are five of the most recent series I’ve checked out. All these shows can be watched on


Plot: An orphan kicked out of his orphanage seeks out the help of a special-powered team to get rid of the man-eating tiger that has followed him his whole life.
Good or Nah? There are werewolf-type things in this show, and I love this style of were-beast. The old beast-by-moonlight, host-is-unaware-and-not-in-control style. I’m a big fan. Even so, I’m not a big fan of this show so far. There’s a lot of suicide humor, and the characters keep pretty strictly to tropes.
Verdict: 3/5 stars. May watch more if I’m in the mood, but it’s not a priority.


Plot: Ostracized by humans, a gang of vampires turns to crime to make ends meet.
Good or Nah? It’s pretty good. I love most things with vampires, and the concepts of them being a facet, yet despised facet, of the human population is intriguing.
Verdict: 3.5/5 stars. May watch more, may not. I wasn’t terribly invested, but the concept is cool.


A young exorcism protege goes into hiding after a traumatic event, but is then pulled back into the world when he is found by an exorcist in need of help.
Good or Nah? It’s pretty good. It’s incredibly similar to Full Metal Alchemist, which is one of my all-time favorite anime series. The first episode didn’t draw me into caring about either of the characters very much, but that could change.
Verdict: 3.5/5 stars. I might watch more if I’m in the mood. The concept of spells being words inscribed on paper that then come to life is intriguing.

Plot: A mysterious girl on a flying surfboard kidnaps a shy regular girl and they get trapped in a snowy alternate dimension.
Good or Nah? The surfboard girl and the mascot characters grate on my nerves a bit, but the concept is so interesting that I’m curious to see where it goes. And the snow is so well done that it’s fun to watch.
Verdict: 4/5 stars. I’ll probably watch more eventually. I do love that snowy world. I may have said “No” a couple days ago, but it’s growing on me.


Plot: This anime tells the story of a stone-faced junior high school student who helps a professional (fraud) psychic on haunting cases.
Good or Nah? It is so funny, the art and momentum is so expertly executed, the character designs are so unique, I am in love. It’s created by One, the genius behind One Punch Man, and it is pretty obvious. If you liked OPM, you’ll probably like this one. I certainly do.
Verdict: 5/5 Stars. My favorite out of these five. Continue Watching? Definitely.

A/N: What is your favorite anime? As in all things, I’m always looking for recommendations. Happy watching!


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