Melt for Me, Necromancer: a poem

If I was ice, he was fire. Melting away the socially acceptable curves and smooth opinions. Melting down to my flaming obsidian core, dripping like magma down trembling ice. He kissed me there, my most tender spot. I shuddered so hard the earth broke away. “You don’t have to be human if you don’t want to,”... Continue Reading →

Ice coats the world: a poem

aching halting refreezing wrestling the sea into a headlock of subzero submission. Only dreamers wish it would melt only sharks break it on purpose. Too much weight in one place causes angry cracks a chain reaction. That’s why I lie prostrate palms, forehead numb and flat spread for punishment. Then maybe my fists won’t be... Continue Reading →

2016 in Pictures

There was a lot of bad in this year, but there were a lot of great things too. As I look back through my pictures, I realize that they describe this year better than anything I could write. So here it is: my year, organized by the pictures I took in each month. January After... Continue Reading →

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