Update: Going to Japan!

Hey all!

I’m headed to Japan on April 2nd! I’ll be there for three months for a Japanese language course in Tokyo. It feels like I’ve been waiting for and planning this forever and I can’t believe it’s finally time to actually go!

I’ll be documenting my travels here on this blog. Since I’ll be there for so long, I probably won’t do a daily blog like I did last time (Previous Japan Trip), but I will be doing regular posts of some sort. Perhaps weekly conglomerations.

I’ll be staying in a hotel for a few days and then renting a room in a share house. I am compiling a list of things that I’d like to see and do while I’m over there.

Advice or recommendations are highly appreciated!

Here’s to new adventures!


4 thoughts on “Update: Going to Japan!

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  1. As a girl I’d say bring enough shoes and bras our sizes are not the Japanese size. Maybe your regular painkillers and shampoo too. You can buy everything you need in Japan even in 100 yen shops. Last year I was looking for a regular dandruff shampoo and it took me ages.

    1. Yes definitely. I’m bringing lots of that, painkillers, large shampoos, and enough deodorant to last me the whole trip. I can get by pretty well shopping for food and such but I’m daunted going to a pharmacy and trying to find the right painkillers and medicine.

      1. Deodorant is pretty ok I love the deosorant sheets that they have. You should definitely try stuff in Japan, I loved a hello kitty stick that I thought was deodorant until I read better I saw it was a mosquito stick. I still love the smell and the freezing effect though ^^

  2. Oh nice! That’s encouraging. I had been told to bring deodorant because westerners such as myself often need stronger stuff than what is sold in Japan to not be super smelly in the summer. I’ll be needing my own hello kitty mosquito stick come summer.

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