Inktober and a little NaNo

Hey all! As promised in my previous post, here are the results of my Inktober. One thing that is different between this year’s Inktober and last year’s, is that this year, I dabbled a bit in sequential art whereas last year, the thought of making even a two-panel comic scared me to death. It still scares me, but now I’m starting kind of enjoy it as well. Progress!

ink17 1.jpg

ink17 2.jpg

ink17 3.jpg

I’m doing NaNoWriMo this month and, as predicted, I’m failing pretty hard. But even though I’m behind about 50 pages, I’ve still written more than I would have if I hadn’t bothered to try. I’ve included a little sample of what I’ve been writing.

The witch doctor looked skeptically at Innu, then back at Cyr. She pushed her door out slowly.
      “All right,” she agreed. “Please come in.”
    “Thank you,” said Cyr. Innu started going in after the witch doctor but Cyr grabbed his arm. “No more yelling, okay?” she whispered. “It’s not working for her.”
    “I don’t care if it isn’t ‘working for her.’ She did something despicable and she needs to know that it’s unacceptable.”
      “Do you want her to tell us about the spell or just chastise her?”
      “I’d prefer to do both.”
    “You won’t get to do either if you keep it up,” said Cyr. “Please, just, don’t antagonize her, all right? Not everyone responds well to shouting.”
     Innu’s hackles sank a bit. He realized that maybe they weren’t only talking about the witch doctor anymore.
     “Okay,” he agreed. “I’m sorry. I’ll keep a lid on it.”
    “Okay,” Cyr said in finality as she stepped under the half-curtain and into the wagon.
      Inside the wagon was a small room full of all manner of herbs and trinkets. Sticks of incense were stuck in each window and some in small incense burners on the floor. They made the inner room so smoky, which was already dark to begin with, that they couldn’t really see the witch doctor. She was crouched with her back to them. She licked her fingers and put out one of the incense sticks, then moved on to the next one. Perhaps she had lit them against the demons.

Also, a question for you writers:  what’s your process? There’s no right way to write except to just write, but I’m curious how you all go about it.

These days, I’ve enjoyed choosing a handful of songs and then free writing non-stop until they’ve finished. Sometimes it turns up something good, sometimes not, but it always results in something.



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