apathy: a poem

for someone who doesn’t care
i sure do care a lot

apathy is only painful
when it’s a mask
covering a whole lot of pathy
a whole lot of feelings
a whole lot of love
and pangs

if i was really apathetic
i wouldn’t keep pulling people aside
to tell them
to prove to them
that i don’t care

truth has always been in motion
it has never mattered what i say
but what i do

because the mouth often lies
but my body cannot


A/N: Happy New Year! It’s a bright, crisp, January 1st morning and what better way to welcome in the new year than with a little angsty poetry?

I usually write a whole long list of resolutions, but this year I only have two:
1. Finish the rough draft of Necromantic (for obvious reasons)
2. Become a person of my word (the long and short of it is…I’m flaky. And I want very much not to be.)

What about you? Do you guys have any resolutions?


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