January Embers: a winter mood playlist

I make a lot of mood playlists.

They range from “Driving on a hot summer afternoon with the windows down” to “Icy Sorcerer Mood Board.” And of course, there are my character playlists. So I thought I’d melt them all down into a focused January mood playlist. It’s magicky and dark because I have a problem.

I’d like to make this a reoccurring thing. Maybe monthly? We’ll see. Anyway, enjoy!

1. Repeat After Me | KONGOS
2. Exxus | Glass Animals
3. What Happened | Emilie & Ogden
4. Free | Mother Mother
5. Terrible Things | Brick + Mortar
6. Ruler of Everything | Tally Hall
7. Grave Digger | Matt Maeson
8. Fellow in the North | Cold Weather Company
9. A Sadness Runs Through Him | The Hoosiers
10. This Too Shall Pass | Danny Schmidt
11. Marionette | Reuben And The Dark


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