so much: a poem

I crave his touch,
like the touch of the sun.
Fingers and breath
to make me warm and safe.

I crave intimacy
like the closeness of the night.
Kisses in the kitchen
and hand holding in public.

I fantasize about his heart,
about holding him in the first morning light,
squeezing in a few more minutes of stillness
before getting ready for work.

I fantasize about his body,
about the way he looks at mine
cherishing the parts I’m ashamed of.

I don’t care for genitalia
but I think I would love them
if they belonged to the person I loved.

I want to find him
and tell him he’s handsome.
I want to find him
and tell him he’s brave.

That I never knew life until him
that I never knew life could be so good
that I never knew my small heart
could feel so much.

A/N: I found this old poem sitting on my hard drive, so I thought I’d touch it up and share it with you guys. ❤


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