The Jaywalker: NHIE Paranormal Edition Day 1

Hi guys! Welcome to the first day of Never Have I Ever: Paranormal Edition, where I tell about things I’ve experienced that I think were paranormal. There is going to be one of these every day until next Friday, so sit back, grab a snack, and let’s get to it!

Day 1…Ever seen a ghost and thought it was a real person?

Yes. Just once and it was the most confusing day of my life.

I was with my sisters, going into town to go shopping for school clothes. There aren’t many times when all three of us are available at the same time, so whenever we get to do things like this, it’s really special. 

We piled into my car on that Saturday mid-morning and started towards downtown. Now, where I lived, there were tons of canyons and rivers, and because of this, this particular town was built on two levels: an upper “on the cliff” level that looks over a waterfall (sounds farfetched, but it’s 100% true. This is Oregon, after all.), and the other half of the town was on the bottom of the cliff right next to the river and waterfall.

We lived on top of the cliff several miles back, between farmland and forests, so to get to downtown, we had to drive down a steep, winding path along the canyon with no guard rails. (You’d think a lot of people would miss a turn and run of the road into the canyon, and you’d be right.)

The narrow, elven path wound down the cliff and ended at a stop light right by the mouth of the falls. There was a nice little lookout point with a statue of the town’s founder, where you could gaze out at the falls and the creepy old paper mill. At the stop light, on the right street corner, was a pub. Very popular and always crowded. People were always crossing the road because the parking lot was almost always full.

We were stopped at the light, waiting to make a right turn, and to the right of the car about 10 feet away, I saw a man in a light colored Columbia-style jacket standing at the crosswalk, facing the lookout point, like he wanted to cross. You know that little jaywalking lurch-and-stop thing you do when you don’t want to wait for the light to turn but you don’t want to get hit either? That’s what he was doing.

As I watched him, I said, out loud, something to the effect of: “Don’t you dare.” It looked like he was going to wait after all, so, slowly and with a strict eye on him, I began to turn onto the other street.

But as soon as I turned, he was gone.

He didn’t go inside—there weren’t any doors on that side of the building—and he didn’t walk away—there was nowhere to sneak off to because of the cliff. I looked in my mirrors and everywhere else I could think of, but he was nowhere to be found. He was just…gone.

I told my sisters what had happened and asked if they had seen the guy and they were like. “No. When you said ‘Don’t you dare,’ we weren’t sure what you were talking about.”

I guess there’s a chance he did slip away or that I just saw a post or something and it wasn’t actually a person, but it was so real, guys. I was staring at him. Glaring at him even! He had hair, clothes, facial features, facial expression, body language, everything! And it was in the broadest of daylight.

So…what/who did I see and where did they go?

A/N: Stay tuned for tomorrow’s story about seeing something in my room in the middle of the night.

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