Return of the Teacher: A Necromantic Scene

“We can’t keep running like this,” said Phren, out of breath. “We have to stop her. You’re a necromancer, how do we stop her?”

“I have no idea. This isn’t some lost soul in the wilderness. This is a rotted goddess!”

“There’s no hiding from this thing,” continued Phren, “and there’s no throwing it off. The only way to stop it is through spirit stuff, and the only one who can do that is you.”

“I’m trying, but it doesn’t look good. I don’t have any of my supplies and even if I did, I have no idea what to do to stop a goddess.”

“We’ll just have to get you some new supplies then,” said Phren.

“Didn’t you hear the second part?”

“And she’s not too fast, so you will be able to figure something out eventually.”

Cyr’s mother fell to the ground.


Phren ran over to her.

“What happened?” he asked Saela.

“She just fell,” she replied. “I think it’s exhaustion.”

“Ma’am?” Phren rubbed Cyr’s mother’s hand, shook her shoulder. Anything to get her to move, but she wasn’t responsive.

“Phren, we can’t carry her. Not fast enough to outrun the spirit,” said Saela.

“We can’t leave her!”

“Hey, who’s that?”

Everyone looked up and saw Tull pointing at a figure in the distance walking towards them. He was in light colored robes.

Cyr strained to see who it was, and when she could, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“It’s Innu!”

Sure enough, it was her old teacher, walking up over the hill. He reached them and walked right past them. He looked better in some ways and worse in others. He seemed stronger, but his wounds hadn’t yet closed and it was clear he shouldn’t have been walking around. 


He walked until he was between them and Cha. And, against all belief, Cha stopped. He raised his arms, causing some of the blood stains to grow deeper.

“Leave,” he said in a powerful voice. “Leave us, leave the moors. You’re not welcome here anymore.”

As happy as Cyr was to see Innu, there was something off about him. But she figured she wouldn’t be quite herself after a demon possession, either. And off or not, she was just glad to see him alive.

Cha backed up, but hesitated, eyeing Cyr. Innu brought his hands in front of himself and strained. Inky flames lapped up his arms and pooled in his hands. Cyr had never seen anything like it, especially not from Innu.

The fire flew forward and hit Cha. Cha screamed and some of her hands tried to pat it out, but it wouldn’t extinguish. Innu charged up another bolt.

“Leave,” he repeated.

With a final angry glance at Cyr, Cha turned and walked away, disappearing into the nearby trees.

Innu lowered his arms and sighed.

Cyr was so excited, she accidentally bubbled to the top and pushed Phren out of the way. She ran forward and embraced her teacher.

“You’re all right!” she exclaimed.

Innu didn’t hug her back. Instead, he smiled down at her with a wide, terrible, black-eyed smile.

“Hello, necromancer.”

A/N: If you are possessed by a necromancer, does that make you a necromancer by association?

Thank you for reading this short little scene! I’m so excited for this story, but you all knew that already.

Can’t get enough of these guys? Check out the Necromantic page.


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