Pattern: Inktober Day 10 Entry

The stitches had begun to form a jagged, antiseptic line of shiny pink scar tissue down his chest. It was strange being on the other side of an event that should have killed him. Day 11: Snow Day 9: Swing Day 1: Ring

Frail: Inktober Day 8 Entry

"I'm sorry, Ancou--" "It's okay--" "We ran out of time... I didn't want it to be this way." "It's okay, Jania, I'm okay with this. I'll take good care of it, don't worry." Day 9: Swing Day 7: Enchanted Day 1: Ring

Husky: Inktober Day 6 Entry

When Ancou told her, she scooped him into her arms like he weighed nothing and kissed him. As he sank into pleasure, he was reminded of how terrifyingly strong Chalatorians were and how glad he was that he and Jania were on the same side. Day 7: Enchanted Day 5: Build Day 1: Ring

Build: Inktober Day 5 Entry

"It'll work, Your Highness, I promise. I just have to work out a few bugs and then it'll be ready. A week at most." Ancou knew he couldn't put a timetable on fixing the kinds of problems that had popped up with the incubation chamber. The truth of the matter was that the pressure and... Continue Reading →

Freeze: Inktober Day 4 Entry

Ancou knew she was gone, but never was it more apparent than at night when all the lights were off, Alia was in her crib, and Ancou crawled into bed, himself. The crease in Jania's pillow was still there, undisturbed, next to him and it would stay that way forever. Day 5: Build Day 3:... Continue Reading →

Bait: Inktober Day 3 Entry

I knew what I was getting into from the beginning. I knew it was dangerous, especially if we failed, but I didn't mind. Any risk was worth it if it meant she would stay near me just a little bit longer. Day 4: Freeze Day 2: Mindless Day 1: Ring

Mindless: Inktober Day 2 Entry

"Good morning, Captain Maltheus." "Good morning, Your Majesty." "Captain, I'd like you to meet our new state scientist, Dr. Ancou. He is going to help us find a solution to this little progeny situation we find ourselves in. Please take good care of him while he remains in the palace." Day 3: Bait Day 1:... Continue Reading →

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