The Dead Cat Feeling: a poem

I remember the sickness that spread through our barn cats like rot. Old toms, kittens not yet weaned, hissers, purrers alike. Fifteen years old, I buried them all, one by one, in the backyard under the oak, in the apple orchard, and by the stump of the pine. I had to keep plotting new cemeteries... Continue Reading →

alone together alone: a poem

Our worlds have gotten small. Pinpricks of light through painted windows. So much of what I loved about mine is gone. It'll return, perhaps, but after I've already packed my furniture and left.

Moving Parts: a poem

An asymptote has too many sounds crammed into the shallow closet of the mouth. It unspools under the tongue like spider silk threads caking the gums and gumming up the throat like caulking paste seeping, seeping, seeping. I approach the limit closer and closer, creeping, trickling, one promise at a time. But the limit is... Continue Reading →

Sling: Inktober Day 19 Entry

The moment Ancou woke up after the surgery, he started asking about the egg and he didn't stop until the nurse let him hold the container they had placed it in. He hugged it close to his broken body and refused to let it go, as though trying to keep the last remaining part of... Continue Reading →

Misfit: Inktober Day 18 Entry

The Queen could not go anywhere without being surrounded by her guards. Whenever she wanted to say something to one of the citizens, she whispered to one of her guards and they would speak for her. From a distance, it looked so mysterious and people in the capitol swooned over the secretive glamour of it... Continue Reading →

Ornament: Inktober Day 17 Entry

Jania's body wouldn't hold out for much longer. Pieces of her had already begun to crumble away like ash and she wasn't even dead yet. Ancou had done her a cruel kindness pretending he was close to perfecting the machine when he wasn't, but she had done him one worse; she had made him believe... Continue Reading →

Wild: Inktober Day 16 Entry

"Alia, no! We don't run in the store. Come here right now!" "Rambunctious kiddo you've got there." "She's a force of nature all right. I'll pay for the jar she broke--" CRASH. "--and that candle as well." Day 17 Coming Soon! Day 15: Legend Day 1: Ring

Legend: Inktober Day 15 Entry

The Queen was older than most modern planets. Ancou, on the other hand, wasn't even half a century old, a flash in the pan compared to her, and yet she trusted him, of all people, to find a solution to a problem that had been around since the dawn of time. The stories of Queen... Continue Reading →

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