Fib : a poem

I’m a girl of lucid dreams but no hobbies. I’m a girl with a body that lies. “Fix me!” says my posture. “Educate me!” says my pop-culture gaps. “Show me a good time!” says my quiet evenings. “I like-like you <3” says my uncomfortable smile. Meanwhile, all I want is to go back home to... Continue Reading →

White Collar. Black Dog.

Sin is a game. Russian Roulette Black Jack Truth or Dare It's fun until it's not. Until its your turn to pay. I always pay eventually. Right before I start another game. "What do you want to do with your life?" I want to die and be reborn each day. I want prison and starvation.... Continue Reading →

Lavender Fog: A Necromantic Drabble

The past is colored in lavender fog whenever he tries to remember it. He can see the bodies if he focuses, but their clothes are faded, the setting obscure, his age uncertain. When he tries to remember details, he finds that he can imagine things having been many ways at once. At one time, he imagined... Continue Reading →

Winter: a poem, based on Necromantic

You're swallowing fire again. You never promised to stop, but for your apprentice, I had assumed... This is no place to raise a child. Among the cold heather of the frozen highlands, eating roots and drinking broth, traveling with a master who forgets to cook for two, learning the craft from a dropout who never completed... Continue Reading →

Books don’t write themselves

Pages full of intentions and chronology encased in linear ink, word to word to word. Pull back the curtain and behold the wizard. Just a non sequitur with a pen and bags under their eyes. The only magic is the pact they made with the gods. when they traded their sleep to learn how to spin... Continue Reading →

75 Million: A Monologue

The good old days are called so for a reason. They were simpler, warmer. This new age of mammals is too cold. Why must I be the one to change? I was here first. The fur creatures should be the ones to adapt. I shed my scales to survive. Now I’m too soft. Killing used... Continue Reading →

Tinted Glasses

I thought they could only destroy the warmth: pull darkness over town squares. I had no idea they could be parasitic, take up lodging in a previously private soul, and commandeer a body’s thoughts and movements. I should never have gone on that diplomacy mission; they are incapable of diplomacy. Their government consists of the... Continue Reading →

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