Countersink is a new adult novel about super-villains, friendship, and revenge set in modern day Arizona.

Read a selection of scenes below. Read the prologue, here.

comic and a little pep: countersink comic
Watch Me Whip
The Library Kids
The Kid
We’re All Unstable
I Know, But I’m Scared
Interview with Aesculpius (Paul Cutley, patient no. 66): A Countersink/Necromantic Crossover
The Figure in the Field
Floridian Revenge
Enter Summer
I Know What Happened in Texas
Blemishes and Confidants
All of the Above
The Man With the Missing Hand
Countersink and Aeschoopiuisuonlkjlkh
Poisonous Snakes and Peanut Butter
Paul and Ginesbury
Countersink Is Dead, Long Live Countersink
No More Louis
Koichi’s Weekly Phone Call
Koichi Cleans His Apartment
Louis Is Pronounced “Loo-is,” not “Loo-ee.”
The Sky Stores Its Rain Just for Me
I Am Countersink. (Fear Me.) Prologue: version 1

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