Necromantic is a young adult novel about necromancers in a fictionalized version of ancient Ireland.

Read the first chapter here, and a selection of scenes below.

Return of the Teacher
The Perfect Shape for Possession
False Memories and City Wraiths
Melt for Me, Necromancer
Necromantic, Chapter One: The Visitor
Lavender Fog: A Necromantic Drabble
Hexes and the Return of Innu
Interview with Aesculpius (Paul Cutley, patient no. 66): A Countersink/Necromantic Crossover
The Tavern in Pulethal
Mish Alone
Phren Takes a Body
The Hanging City
Did I Make the Most of Loving You?
The Rage
Cyril Takes the Lead
Innu’s Temptation
Cyril Summons a Demon
No More Excuses
Innu and the Hungry Spirit
Innu and Calvean
Claudia, Phren, and the Cave Demon
Garnet’s Brilliant Plan Fails
Mish and the Warlocks
Innu Enlightens Cyril about Necromancers
Claudia and the Ponticusan Soldier
The Freeing of Phren
Innu Takes an Apprentice
Claudia Montomogen
Innu vs. the Demon
Innu and the Ghost Boy


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