Freeze: Inktober Day 4 Entry

Ancou knew she was gone, but never was it more apparent than at night when all the lights were off, Alia was in her crib, and Ancou crawled into bed, himself. The crease in Jania's pillow was still there, undisturbed, next to him and it would stay that way forever. Day 5: Build Day 3:... Continue Reading →

Bait: Inktober Day 3 Entry

I knew what I was getting into from the beginning. I knew it was dangerous, especially if we failed, but I didn't mind. Any risk was worth it if it meant she would stay near me just a little bit longer. Day 4: Freeze Day 2: Mindless Day 1: Ring

Mindless: Inktober Day 2 Entry

"Good morning, Captain Maltheus." "Good morning, Your Majesty." "Captain, I'd like you to meet our new state scientist, Dr. Ancou. He is going to help us find a solution to this little progeny situation we find ourselves in. Please take good care of him while he remains in the palace." Day 3: Bait Day 1:... Continue Reading →

Ring: Inktober Day 1 Entry

Good morning! It's October again, and that means it's time for Inktober. This year, I'm doing all of Inktober with my alien children from Eternal Her. After a failed experiment, Dr. Ancou goes from uptight state scientist to frazzled single dad. But he's doing his best. Here is the first entry. I hope you enjoy!... Continue Reading →

Poppyseed part 5: finale

"Hey," said the stranger. Neil choked on some word that was supposed to be a response. "I see you here a lot," said the stranger. Neil sat forward and smoothed back his hair. "Yeah," he cleared his throat, "yeah, I'm, uh, I write. I see you here a lot, too," he laughed, hoping he didn't... Continue Reading →

Poppyseed part 4

“Thanks, doll,” he said, smiling so large it cut his face in half. Coming out of anyone else’s mouth, the term may have sounded patronizing. But from him, it was a secret name for an inner circle of compatriots. As if “doll” was a term reserved only for his closest friends, implying a lifetime of... Continue Reading →

Poppyseed part 3

This morning, he was wearing a powder pink polo, a slight deviation from his usual attire inspired by the blossoming summer heat. The July sun heated up the wet air and turned the city into a swamp. Even Neil, who hated showing his knobby knees in public, had been forced to retire his long sleeve... Continue Reading →

Poppyseed part 2

Neil waited for him every morning as he sipped his triple shot latte and tried to hammer out chapters for a book that would make his editor happy. He used the beautiful stranger’s arrival as the signal to take his first break. When the mystery man floated in like a long-legged ghost, Neil closed the... Continue Reading →

Poppyseed: short story

He ordered a coffee and muffin every morning at 10am without fail. One coffee, black with three sugars. One muffin, poppyseed, glazed. Day in and day out, rain or shine, he whooshed in from the street in his black ankle boots and his tight khaki pants, his pastel button-ups with an embroidered alligator on the... Continue Reading →

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