Inktober Inks! Batch #1

Here's my first batch of Inktober drawings. I've been better able to keep up with the prompts this year. Not perfectly, but better. I've also been having a lot more fun with these drawings this year. Instead of thinking about what people would like to see me draw, I've decided just to draw whatever my... Continue Reading →

Inktober and Scaretober

Hey all! Long time no see! Monday is October 1st, and that means the beginning of some of my favorite writing and drawing challenges. There's Inktober and Scaretober in October, and NaNoWriMo in November. For those of you who aren't familiar with Inktober, it is a challenge to produce 31 ink drawings during the month... Continue Reading →

The Monster’s Cane

Monsters You hold your hand-carved, blackwood cane close to your heart. You don’t have a limp, but you never go outside without it. Just in case you have to— --just in case. The world is a dark place. You want to believe you aren’t a monster. But you’ve been chased away from everywhere you’ve tried... Continue Reading →

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