Sling: Inktober Day 19 Entry

The moment Ancou woke up after the surgery, he started asking about the egg and he didn't stop until the nurse let him hold the container they had placed it in. He hugged it close to his broken body and refused to let it go, as though trying to keep the last remaining part of... Continue Reading →

Misfit: Inktober Day 18 Entry

The Queen could not go anywhere without being surrounded by her guards. Whenever she wanted to say something to one of the citizens, she whispered to one of her guards and they would speak for her. From a distance, it looked so mysterious and people in the capitol swooned over the secretive glamour of it... Continue Reading →

Wild: Inktober Day 16 Entry

"Alia, no! We don't run in the store. Come here right now!" "Rambunctious kiddo you've got there." "She's a force of nature all right. I'll pay for the jar she broke--" CRASH. "--and that candle as well." Day 17 Coming Soon! Day 15: Legend Day 1: Ring

Freeze: Inktober Day 4 Entry

Ancou knew she was gone, but never was it more apparent than at night when all the lights were off, Alia was in her crib, and Ancou crawled into bed, himself. The crease in Jania's pillow was still there, undisturbed, next to him and it would stay that way forever. Day 5: Build Day 3:... Continue Reading →

Bait: Inktober Day 3 Entry

I knew what I was getting into from the beginning. I knew it was dangerous, especially if we failed, but I didn't mind. Any risk was worth it if it meant she would stay near me just a little bit longer. Day 4: Freeze Day 2: Mindless Day 1: Ring

Mindless: Inktober Day 2 Entry

"Good morning, Captain Maltheus." "Good morning, Your Majesty." "Captain, I'd like you to meet our new state scientist, Dr. Ancou. He is going to help us find a solution to this little progeny situation we find ourselves in. Please take good care of him while he remains in the palace." Day 3: Bait Day 1:... Continue Reading →

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