Husky: Inktober Day 6 Entry

When Ancou told her, she scooped him into her arms like he weighed nothing and kissed him. As he sank into pleasure, he was reminded of how terrifyingly strong Chalatorians were and how glad he was that he and Jania were on the same side. Day 7: Enchanted Day 5: Build Day 1: Ring

Build: Inktober Day 5 Entry

"It'll work, Your Highness, I promise. I just have to work out a few bugs and then it'll be ready. A week at most." Ancou knew he couldn't put a timetable on fixing the kinds of problems that had popped up with the incubation chamber. The truth of the matter was that the pressure and... Continue Reading →

Freeze: Inktober Day 4 Entry

Ancou knew she was gone, but never was it more apparent than at night when all the lights were off, Alia was in her crib, and Ancou crawled into bed, himself. The crease in Jania's pillow was still there, undisturbed, next to him and it would stay that way forever. Day 5: Build Day 3:... Continue Reading →

A Necromantic scene: Claudia Montomogen

Claudia Montomogen was younger than Cyril by five years, but it had been the unspoken understanding throughout all the royal family—all the grandparents on both sides, all the disapproving aunts and lackadaisical uncles—that she would take the throne instead of her brother. It had been the way of the Montomogen family, who had reigned over... Continue Reading →


Some original characters I’m in the process of fleshing out. They don’t have proper names yet. Right now, I’m calling the purple one Inu and the green one Cyril. They’re Druids and possess the gift of necromancy, the ability to see and interact with spirits. The word “necromancy” leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths... Continue Reading →

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