Frail: Inktober Day 8 Entry

"I'm sorry, Ancou--" "It's okay--" "We ran out of time... I didn't want it to be this way." "It's okay, Jania, I'm okay with this. I'll take good care of it, don't worry." Day 9: Swing Day 7: Enchanted Day 1: Ring

Ring: Inktober Day 1 Entry

Good morning! It's October again, and that means it's time for Inktober. This year, I'm doing all of Inktober with my alien children from Eternal Her. After a failed experiment, Dr. Ancou goes from uptight state scientist to frazzled single dad. But he's doing his best. Here is the first entry. I hope you enjoy!... Continue Reading →

Melt for Me, Necromancer: a poem

If I was ice, he was fire. Melting away the socially acceptable curves and smooth opinions. Melting down to my flaming obsidian core, dripping like magma down trembling ice. He kissed me there, my most tender spot. I shuddered so hard the earth broke away. “You don’t have to be human if you don’t want to,”... Continue Reading →

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