comic and a little pep

  A little different kind of post today. I've been focusing on Necromantic, so I haven't done much with the Countersink kids lately. I've been playing with different art mediums, as well. I've been doing more drawing, making videos, and mixing music. I used to feel like I had to choose one thing to be... Continue Reading →

I Know, But I’m Scared: A Countersink Scene

A/N: A Koichi scene. Warning, eye gore. (Igor?)   I'm scared. Strapped in. The metal jaw clamp, thinly padded. Turn the knob. Once. Twice. It’s important not to move, they tell me. As if I don’t already know. As if I hadn’t helped them develop this procedure, this serum. It’s important to remain still, or... Continue Reading →

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