Countersink and Aeschoopiuisuonlkjlkh: A Countersink scene

Warning: This scene has swears. “It wouldn’t hurt if you’d stop moving!” That was Aescoo—uh—Aescoopus?—anyway, that was the reason my new partner gave me to stop squirming. Which was false, by the way. For one thing, I wasn’t really moving much, and for another thing, my back hurt like hell whether I moved or not.... Continue Reading →


My Tokyo Bedroom: A Travel Blog

I was feeling homesick for Japan, so I decided to show you more of the room I stayed in during February. I spent a lot of time in this room. In other news, grad school decisions are closing in. I was accepted into one in San Francisco, but I'm considering turning it down and applying to... Continue Reading →

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