I’m failing October, but it’s worth it.

In the art and writing community and beyond, October heralds the beginning of a lot of fun challenges. There's Inktober, where you make an ink drawing every day of October. There's Goretober, where you write or draw something that follows the daily gory themes. Then there's 31 for 31, where you commit to watching a horror... Continue Reading →


Cishet Boy: a poem

If you don’t tell me what women are like, I won’t tell you about men. It isn’t that you’re good “even though you’re male,” and I don’t date you “even though you’re straight.” I date you because you’re just plain good. Braver than me, kinder than them. Can’t we hold hands - can’t I say... Continue Reading →

3 Best Books I Read This Summer

With summer comes lazy, hot evenings. And with lazy, hot evenings, comes books. Lots of books. I didn't read a crazy amount this summer, but I did read enough to pick a few favorites. And boy are these favorites worth the read. The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub The Talisman is a story... Continue Reading →

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