so much: a poem

I crave his touch, like the touch of the sun. Fingers and breath to make me warm and safe. I crave intimacy like the closeness of the night. Kisses in the kitchen and hand holding in public. I fantasize about his heart, about holding him in the first morning light, squeezing in a few more... Continue Reading →

January Embers: a winter mood playlist

I make a lot of mood playlists. They range from "Driving on a hot summer afternoon with the windows down" to "Icy Sorcerer Mood Board." And of course, there are my character playlists. So I thought I'd melt them all down into a focused January mood playlist. It's magicky and dark because I have a... Continue Reading →

apathy: a poem

for someone who doesn’t care i sure do care a lot apathy is only painful when it’s a mask covering a whole lot of pathy a whole lot of feelings a whole lot of love and pangs if i was really apathetic i wouldn’t keep pulling people aside to tell them to prove to them... Continue Reading →

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