75 Million: A Monologue

The good old days are called so for a reason. They were simpler, warmer. This new age of mammals is too cold. Why must I be the one to change? I was here first. The fur creatures should be the ones to adapt. I shed my scales to survive. Now I’m too soft. Killing used... Continue Reading →

The Library Kids: A Countersink Scene

The doorbell rang. Paul rushed from the hallway, huffing irritably and tying his robe. “Who the hell could that be?” he grumbled. “They’d better be bleeding out of their face.” Paul peered through the blinds. “Oh my god.” “What?” I asked, preparing to run. “Who is it?” “It’s those damn library kids.” ... “I told... Continue Reading →

The Kid: A Countersink Scene

The kid. The mother. The father, newly deceased. No skin off my nose. No sirree. No skin at all. He didn’t have skin anymore. No, no, no, not at all. Had torn it all off, didn’t he? Yes, he did. Not my fault. Supposed to bring the kid and the mother to Koichi—excuse me, Mr.... Continue Reading →

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