The Dead Cat Feeling: a poem

I remember the sickness that spread through our barn cats like rot. Old toms, kittens not yet weaned, hissers, purrers alike. Fifteen years old, I buried them all, one by one, in the backyard under the oak, in the apple orchard, and by the stump of the pine. I had to keep plotting new cemeteries... Continue Reading →

alone together alone: a poem

Our worlds have gotten small. Pinpricks of light through painted windows. So much of what I loved about mine is gone. It'll return, perhaps, but after I've already packed my furniture and left.

Moving Parts: a poem

An asymptote has too many sounds crammed into the shallow closet of the mouth. It unspools under the tongue like spider silk threads caking the gums and gumming up the throat like caulking paste seeping, seeping, seeping. I approach the limit closer and closer, creeping, trickling, one promise at a time. But the limit is... Continue Reading →

Mean: a poem

I saw a spider in the bottom of my tub as I readied for my bath. She was checking the drain for droplets of water and little mites or silverfish to tide her over for the night. She was a hunting spider, rather than a web-spinner. She spins a small splat of web in a... Continue Reading →

Windowpanes: a poem

Windowpanes, purple elbows on those windowpanesSoggy condensation bubbling upunder thick white paint.Cracking, coldfresh, black mold. Windows, under pain of death,I will not tell a lie.I can’t see the sky for the rain,can’t see the rain for the drips,or the drips for my foggy breathcaptured like cataracts on the glass. If I knew how to stop being... Continue Reading →

so you want me: a poem

So you want me, huh? You want the ear-splitting silence? You want the shaking hands, the vacant stare? You want your stomach squeezed into a walnut, your feelings amputated until there’s just one, your vocabulary and the thoughts behind melted and dribbling away? No, but I won’t close my eyes. Spit and holler all you... Continue Reading →

You Promised: A Poem

I was promised I’d grow out of it, or grow into it. I traded the Teenage Dream™️ for lonely walks in the misty woods. Just me and the holy and unholy ghosts. Day in and day out I cried and beat my breast. The woods hooked my heart and asked me to come with them.... Continue Reading →

white hot: a poem

Ashamed of the way you made me ashamed of the way I think, of my sight, sound, and propensity. In my heart I know it’s all nonsense, hiding in embarrassment should be reserved for something worse than passion. but the skin is thick and the body more so. muscle, bone, sinew, humor I’m not strong... Continue Reading →

so much: a poem

I crave his touch, like the touch of the sun. Fingers and breath to make me warm and safe. I crave intimacy like the closeness of the night. Kisses in the kitchen and hand holding in public. I fantasize about his heart, about holding him in the first morning light, squeezing in a few more... Continue Reading →

apathy: a poem

for someone who doesn’t care i sure do care a lot apathy is only painful when it’s a mask covering a whole lot of pathy a whole lot of feelings a whole lot of love and pangs if i was really apathetic i wouldn’t keep pulling people aside to tell them to prove to them... Continue Reading →

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