Inktober Inks! Batch #1

Here’s my first batch of Inktober drawings. I’ve been better able to keep up with the prompts this year. Not perfectly, but better.

I’ve also been having a lot more fun with these drawings this year. Instead of thinking about what people would like to see me draw, I’ve decided just to draw whatever my self-indulgent little heart wants, from original characters to obscure fan art.

The little voice in my head that complains, “Why can’t you ever just write/draw something normal?” has haunted me since middle school, but I’m learning to stop listening to it.

Anyway, here’s whatever the heck I wanted to draw. I really enjoyed drawing them, and I hope you enjoy them too!

Day 1 – Eye of Newt. I think Newt could make friends with anyone, even a blood-cursed witch and an obscurus. From Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Day 2 – Graveyard Dirt. We often forget that Victor Frankenstein wasn’t a fancy scientist when he built the creature, but a moody college student with a severe case of know-it-all. I don’t think he knew what he was getting himself into until it was too late.

Day 3 – Wolfsbane Blooms. The very first book I wrote that I was serious about was about a werewolf girl looking for the cure to her family’s curse. One night, she bites the werewolf hunter who is hunting her and infects him. I still really like that concept and might give him his own book someday.

Day 4 – Dream Within a Dream.I wonder if robots remember being built. If Nos-4-A2 does, he surely wouldn’t tell anyone. From Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

Day 5 – Opal-Colored Men.This is Lieutenant Ancou from the Queen’s Galaxy. He thinks he’s a big shot because he’s the only one the Queen would never sacrifice.

Day 6 – Crystal Ball. Two witches sharing a scrying orb, except one’s a little distracted. That’s probably why it isn’t working.

Day 7 – Hollow Hills. Innu and Cyr see a lot of strange things out in the old parts of the world.


All these prompts were created by the lovely @thegothicalice on instagram. Make sure to check out her art!



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