To Hunt or Not to Hunt?: NHIE Paranormal Edition Day 3

Day 3…Ever gone ghost hunting?

I’ve never really gone ghost hunting, and that has been on purpose. While I would feel bad about ghost hunting, myself, I really enjoy watching other people ghost hunt on TV and so on. Hypocritical, I know.

Ghosts and spirits, whatever they end up being, there is a chance that they are sentient beings. And if they are sentient beings, it is wrong to antagonize them to get results. They aren’t toys or tourist attractions and whenever a person comes in contact with one, on purpose or not, they should behave with the utmost respect.

If the spirit does not want to talk, that is their choice. If the spirit is upset about you being in their house or touching their stuff, it needs to be taken seriously.

Now, I’m not saying that if an angry spirit tells someone to leave, that person should automatically leave. There are many cases of spirits trying to kick the living out of their own homes. Plus, there are a lot of malevolent spirits who want to hurt people just for fun. But my stance remains the same. Each instance should be dealt with carefully and with a spirit of compromise.

As humans, we like to assume that we are always wanted in every space and that we have the answer to all problems. This is not always so. Just like us, sometimes spirits want to be left alone. And just as we want people to respect our wishes, we should respect the wishes of all beings.

A/N: No real stories today. I don’t really ghost hunt, other than putting out feelers when I’m in a place that has a weird feeling. What about you? Any ghost hunters out there? Like I said, while I have strong opinions on it, I really do like hearing other people’s stories about what they’ve found. Tomorrow we’re talking about the Witching Hour, and I do have a story for that one.

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